Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Comment on Comments

Sheesh! Sometimes it seems that if I want to get comments on this blog, I either

a) Do a political post
b) Put up photographs of myself in drag
c) Put up all of the comments myself

What is with you people? Don't you like my blog or something? Leave a comment on this comment on comments, or I'll ... I'll ... I'll come round to your house, and do something really bad to your mother!

UPDATE - Yeah, well, that "come round to your house and do something bad to yer mum" joke was shithouse. BTW, anonymous person who just posted a comment - why don't you stop hiding behind cryptic references and let us know who you really are?


Anonymous said...

Jaco Pastorius has thusly posted a comment,


Jaco Pastorius - TGBPITW

daisythelamb said...

I just pretty much think there should be more guys in drag. I think that's the solution.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I know you.

Watch it, toe-rag. That's all I'm saying.


TimT said...


daisythelamb said...

What is a toe-rag, even? I don't get it.

TimT said...

I think H means 'somebody lowly and menial'. The only other time I've heard the term used was by Tim Blair, talking about 'leftist toe-rag John Pilger'. Maybe it's meant to be some kind of reference to my political views? Or some other conversation I've had in the past?
I'm rackin' my brains I tells ya!!

Anonymous said...

1. A rascal.
2. A despicable or contemptible person.
Etymology: 19c: originally meaning ‘beggar', from the rags wrapped around beggars' feet and worn inside the shoes in place of socks.."

Yum yum. I have long ago resigned myself to the fact that comments only happen when I give people something to grab hold of. It's great to get them when they come, but I am also aware that if I was running a site that got a LOT of comments, I would have to monitor them and that would get in the way of writing more pretty quickly.

So, don't worry about it. I do think we all have to decide, knowingly or not, whether the blog is about self expression or answering a communication need. Both are important. If this site is about communication, then you might like to appeal more to your local mob. More news and noticeboard and stuff..

- david tiley, rolling over from barista.

ps - yes on the issues of ideology. And I reckon blogging is a long term thang. Cut through is about outlasting.

Anonymous said...

Toe-rag? It's cockney. Don't you watch Minder in Australia?

By the way, it was me all the time (Harry). No need for alarm.

TimT said...


ABC TV stopped doing Minder re-runs ages ago.

Sorry for the hysteria, Harry. Got a bit carried away.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Now you're up to ten. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

No Comment.

Anonymous said...

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