Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ways To Amuse Yourself #4

You're at a nudist colony.

1) Organise a bike race!

2) Cheerfully discuss the objectification of the human form in western culture with any person that you come across!

3) Hold a barbecue and invite members of the Taliban along!

4) Look at all the naked women and picture them - IN CLOTHES! Phwoooar!!!


Aunty Marianne said...

I want to be at Tim's nudist colony when the Taliban arrive. They don't stand a chance against the menopausal feminists and tofu-knitters whose beards are longer than theirs are.

We should have sent them to Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden. The country would have given him up in self-defense within days.

TimT said...

Being mobbed by marauding nudist hordes. AYEEEEEEE!!!!

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