Friday, June 20, 2014

Health party!

The Baron is off in an alternative dimension for a few days, so in the meantime I've been throwing myself a bit of a Health Party, to throw some much needed Health back into my life. All those lentils have been really bad for my vibes, man.

Here's what a Health Party consists of:

1) Butter. Butter is incredibly important for your health, because it appeared on the cover of Time magazine - just like Stalin, who, as we all know, is also incredibly important for your health. Acceptable substitute: cream.

2) Biscuits. Biscuits are super vital for your health, because they contain sugar, and as we all know, sugar helps restore your body's crucial..... sugar.... levels. So far I've made two lots of biscuits - oatcakes yesterday, and Anzac's today. So I'm double healthy!

3) Booze. I'm still working on why booze is healthy for you but I'm sure it is.

(Oh all right, all right, I was hungry just then and wanted dessert so I tipped a bunch of Anzac biscuits into a bowl, poured some cream over the top, and then sloshed some sherry over the top of that, and this is my paltry justification. Happy now, pedants?)


Steve said...

That's the most desperate trifle attempt I've ever heard!

Trifle should make a comeback - I should try it with the kids - I think they are of an age where they may not mind a taste of sherry as long as there is adequate jelly and custard in there too.

TimT said...

I've never been a huge fan of trifle, though I think taking the Anzac bikkies that didn't make it and chucking them in a bowl with some cream is an old Aussie dessert. Well, that's my justification anyway. The sherry was a bit of an innovation.

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