Monday, September 05, 2016

Great audacious romps salacious

Married MP Keith Vaz tells prostitutes in his flat: 'Bring poppers' ... 'We need to get this party started'

On political scandals

Make my scandals too hot to handle
Oo la la and ring-a-ding
Great audacious romps salacious
Involving sex and lots of bling

Labour syphoning kazillions
To Hamas funds offshore
Tories caught in fish-net rorts
With Mata Hari whores.

Not these flimsy flights of whimsy,
MPs watching porn
Or, zut alors, bores bedding whores -
Treat such affairs with scorn.

We're all voyeurs now, or lawyers -
We need our pollies' follies -
They pay their way the more they play
Like massive fuckin Wallies.

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Nice one, Timothy!

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