Sunday, March 18, 2018

Honest to badness

Saw a cafe called 'Honest Food' the other day. What would that look like if it were actually accurate, I wondered?

This poached egg with sumac on wholegrain toast says, "I don't think you should keep on seeing Brad."

This light arugula and fetta salad tossed with a fresh vinaigrette says "You don't look good in that dress."

This organic-fair-trade-light-almond-and-soy-medium latte says, "You're running away from your marital problems. I think you should see a counsellor."

This paleo-wrap with a pomegranate sauce says "Paleo is bullshit."

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Anonymous said...

Paleo would be bullshit, except that as we all know paleolithic people don't eat grains, and bullshit comes perilously close to being grass-based.

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