Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Gluttony meets guilt meets a tasty tasty Taco

There's nothing like guilt, dread, fear, shame, pain, paranoia, avarice, ambition, lust, gluttony and stupidity to really get humans excited, which is why we've become the successful and fun-loving species we are today. A quick trip down the shops will confirm this for you, for there you see the greedy selling the pointless to the gullible for marked-up prices, sometimes with extra chocolate.

In Bright (which I actually happen to be in at the moment, though shhhh, don't tell anybody) you will find the dentists stationed right next to the lolly shop, a strategy so obvious that I need not belabour the fact by pointing it out apart from right here, which I suppose really is belabouring okay I'll stop now. Similarly, in our own suburb of Lalor, the local restaurant (the only local restaurant), the resonantly-named Taco Bill, is placed right next to a gym, an arrangement of commerce and convenience so remarkable that I wouldn't be surprised if the respective managers didn't congratulate one another every night at close of business: gluttony complements guilt, just as chili sauce complements a tasty, tasty Taco.

Down where my parents live, in Raymond Terrace, the commercial store owners seem to be a tad more confused about the mutually beneficial operations of the respective vices. Not only does the town have two McDonald's (which seems a little overambitious, apart from anything else), they have two generous and sizeable shopping centres, stationed right across from one another, and consisting of much the same sort of business. (Basically, they've both got a Woolies in them and that's about it). It's avarice competing with avarice, and I'm really not quite sure how it's all going to end. And I suppose you could say the same thing about this blog post, except I suppose we all know where that is going to

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