Sunday, October 27, 2013

The most boring poetry genre in the world

Infotainment poetry about tax. Could this be the most boring genre in the world? Maybe I should hire myself out as a court poet to Gina Rinehart?

Should mining have higher taxation
That is indexed in line with inflation? 
Would it be an inhibition
To jobs, competition,
Or would it help build up our nation? 
The answer it comes as we tot up the sums - 
Fiddle dee diddle dee dum.

How should the tax then be designed? 
With government programs in mind? 
Is spending our purpose? 
Should we save for a surplus,
Can the tax once begun be refined? 
We'll figure it out on our fingers and thumbs - 
Fiddle dee diddle dee dum. 

There should, of course, be compensation
How much? (Needs clarification). 
We'll do a few audits
To show how we'll afford it
Then draw up all due legislation. 
Like pigeons they'll flock as we spread out the crumbs - 
Fiddle dee diddle dee dum. 

But if free flow of money is right,
Perhaps tax, if at all, should be slight? 
A business, productive
Will prove quite seductive
For those who'd onsell bentonite. 
We furrow our brows with 'ahs' and with 'ums' - 
Fiddle dee diddle dee dum. 

If little taxation is best,
We'll sit back and hope they'll invest;
The money will flow,
Our nation will grow
With our thanks to the mines in the West. 
So we go with the flow with a 'ho' and a 'hum' - 
Fiddle dee diddle dee dum. 

Things I still have no idea about after writing this poem about tax: 'indexing to inflation', 'bentonite', 'tax'.

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