Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Poetry for the advanced drinker

One of the many cultivations of the advanced drinker is the ability to quote poetry while drinking in an advanced state. It is a wonder what a difference quoting the right sort of poetry will make to a convivial evening's end. Indeed, many will wonder how quoting poetry even started. Poetry deals with all the great subjects: death, life, trees. Stand up and quote the following delightful poem about trees by Joyce Kilmer:

I see that I shall never think
A poem as lovely as a drink.

Then have a drink. You may realise at about this point that the poem has been entirely deforested and has no trees in it. Perhaps it is a case of not being able to see the forest for the pint glass. Better have another drink while you think about it some more.


Julian O'Dea said...

Joyce was a bloke, of all things.

TimT said...

I just remembered the first time I realised boys could be called 'Julian'. I was reading one of those Ashton-Scholastic books you used to get your parents to buy through book club, and discovered that one of the boy characters was called Julian. Uncontrollable juvenile tittering followed, "THAAAAAAAAAAAT'S A GIIIIIIIIIIIIRL'S NAME!"...

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