Monday, June 08, 2015

A comfortable poem

Comfortable poems.... poems that are a like an old couch: easy, non-troublesome, and with questionable upholstery that has probably all been ripped out at one point by the cats. Well, that's been my project for the last few days, writing a bunch of Comfortable Poems. Here's my latest. It's about what I do when I'm at my most active and energetic:

Comfortable poem no. 3

Morning stretch, a dawning stretch
Rolling over yawning stretch
Not awake still woozy stretch
Shower stretch, jacuzzi stretch,
Stretch before a scratch stretch
Scratch before a stretch stretch 
Front paw of the cat stretch
Angling for a pat stretch
Leaping for your lap stretch
Going for a nap stretch
Field of flowering daisies stretch
Just plain fucking lazy stretch
Ergonomic seating stretch
Bored in workplace meeting stretch
Hey what's on the telly stretch
Rubbing at your belly stretch
Forward stretch behind stretch
Head stretch mind stretch
Why am I here again stretch
Every now and then stretch
I'd argue but instead stretch
Going back to bed stretch.

You'll notice there's at least 25 stretches in there, so that's one for every hour of the day and one spare. There you go, that one's on the house.

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