Friday, August 03, 2007

Applications for the position of Me have now closed

I feel it's time to make the announcement: over the past couple of weeks, I've held a series of job interviews for the position of myself, a job which I feel certain can be more successfully and productively held by somebody else.

After an extensive interview process, I've decided to grant the position to this radish.

Of course, this radish cannot speak, write, or type, and therefore this blog will be somewhat lacking in my characteristic bon mots, my nonsensical aper├žus, or my insouciant observations. On the plus side, I now grow leaves out of the top of my head.

Please don't do this to me, though. I'm too young to be soupified.


Caz said...

Hi Tim II, welcome!

You'll be changing the name of the blog, post haste, I expect, given that you are, yourself, food?

Perhaps: "Will type on behalf of food", or particular food groups?

TimT said...


Will Type As Food?

Speaking As a Vegetable...

Please Don't Soup Me!

Steve said...

Won't type - am food

Steve said...

By the way Tim, I've probably irritated you by again really enjoying something from the New Yorker before you've received the magazine!

TimT said...

That's quite a good one.

'Soupcons of wit from the Man Who Would Be Radish.'

Caz said...

You know I could take a sharp knife to you, cut little rows of petals, and dunk you in iced water to turn you into a pretty rose-radish garnish.

nailpolishblues said...

Aw, that would be so sweet, Caz.

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