Monday, August 06, 2007

Extra! Artxe!

Performances of 'Oxford English Dictionary: the T-Shirt' to start tomorrow!

'Oxford English Dictionary: the T-shirt'
is due to open for performances on Broadway (Broadway, Sydney, that is) tomorrow, in what is certainly the most underanticipated dramatic show since the 'If you can read this, you are too sober t-shirt' of two years previous.

The t-shirt will be worn by artist Miles Frankly, who has previously appeared in short-running t-shirts, including 'Le Mis: the t-shirt', 'The Producers: the t-shirt', 'I'm with stupid: the t-shirt', 'Fcuk: the t-shirt' and the groundbreaking 'I am wearing a t-shirt' t-shirt that first appeared several months ago, which drew attention to the performativity of masculine cultural traditions, as well as t-shirts.

'Oxford English Dictionary: the T-shirt' will be three acts in duration, with an intermission after the second act, and 58 kilometres in length (63 if the T-shirt goes into later editions).
Attendees at performances of the T-shirt will have full access to the snack bar, and T-shirt related merchandise, such as book, program, the soundtrack of the T-shirt, and t-shirts commemorating the T-shirt, not to mention peanuts.

The production team behind the T-shirt includes sound, lighting, a 70-piece orchestra, fashion designers, 40 t-shirt artistes especially shipped over from the sweatshops of North Korea, 10 etymologists, 5 philologists, two representatives from the RSPCA, one Freudian doctor, and our much-loved Scottish Terrier, Blinky.

The production takes after the bestselling Melbourne performance, 'Oxford English Dictionary: The cheesecake', sold in European delis from one corner of St Kilda to the other. Tickets for performances of the T-shirt go on sale today. Why not buy one for your mother?


Steve said...

Was it just a coincidence that this was posted just before the "Kevin 07" T's got s lot of attention today?

TimT said...

Yep. Nice theory though.

Steve said...

Maybe you have psychically tuned into Kevin's vibe. Poor boy!

TimT said...

That sounds weird and disturbing. I hope not.

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