Monday, February 25, 2013

The little matter of matters that matter

Attention! Please pay attention to me. Good. Now let me try and get this straight.

Here is a video in which a person working for a company which is responsible for a certain poll asks two other people, one of who is also working for a company which is responsible for a certain poll whether polls matter.

The first person to answer the question over whether polls matter begins saying that polls don't matter, and polls don't matter so much because politicians listen to polls all the time, and the company the other two people work for then promote the news stories about the polls and the politicians listening to the polls which feeds into further polls which, being polls, don't matter. Then there is a little further stuff about polls not mattering because they matter (or maybe that they matter more than they matter, I'm not sure about this point) and then the other person responds.

The other person, who works for the company that is responsible for the particular poll that they are talking about, says that polls matter, and polls matter so much because she is talking about polls mattering right now, which matters, because it is a matter that deals with polls, which matter.

Then there is a little to and fro and argy bargy and back and forth and etc, but it really doesn't matter because it's on matters that don't matter because the matters that don't matter that they are talking about are just matters that are not polls, which matter, because they are the only matters that are polls. 

 Good! I'm glad that we got all that cleared up. Okay, now you can go back to watching kitten youtubes. Thank you for your time.

(Dips of the lid to Catallaxy for digging this up.)

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