Thursday, February 21, 2013

When music meets life

There are times when life and music coincide, when the soundtrack to the non-existent movie that is your life seems so appropriate that you suspect it has been arranged that way. Slotting your car into the driveway, for instance, while Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary plays, or just settling down to listen to Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba when a relative who you don't see much pops in the front door.

Another one of those unexpected life-music synchronicities occurred just then, when our chook Griselda leapt the barrier between the back door and the dining room, and triumphantly began pecking at the cat food, all to the strains of Igor Stravinsky's Augurs of Spring:

I particularly appreciated the way the cunning tootling in the bassoons and the oboes was mirrored by the way Griselda shiftily pootled around the dining room floor, thinking I wouldn't notice her. The ballet itself by Stravinsky is basically about someone getting sacrificed in order to propitiate the Gods of spring. Yep, I'm pretty sure Griselda would do that to me if she had half a chance....

UPDATE! -  Also from the Rite of Spring, this music is perfect for those times when the chooks eat. Plus, when a cat wees in the house just because, I'm pretty sure somewhere somehow this music begins playing...


Anonymous said...

Alas Good Sir, I have found chopping onions to Debussy's Nocturnes particularly and poignantly proptious to perceptions of a a perspicacious propensity. Wagner's slower movements have indeed assisted me in all sorts of scatological pursuits. I could not mention the powers of musical synchronicity if I did not mention the profound and prodigal benificence of Vivaldi whilst washing underwear...what an amazing sense of the cosmic indeed.

Hope this helps young man,

Rubcoid Bentham Schalltering

TimT said...

Now I am trying to imagine the Wagner appropriate for dunny motions. Das Ringhole of the Nibelungs? The Sitting Dutchman? Die Meistersphincters von Nurnberg?

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