Monday, February 04, 2013

On first looking into the celebrity pages

Smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile 
Relaxed and elemental smile
Suavely continental smile
Laminated dental smile
Going faintly mental smile
Rictus-style robotic smile
Handsomely hypnotic smile
Just a bit psychotic smile
Weird a bit exotic smile
Surprised by papparazi smile
Granddad was a Nazi smile
Smarmy artsy-fartsy smile
Charmless gormless tarty smile
Only half-a-smile-smile
Maybe crocodile-smile
In an '80s style smile
Who what where when why smile
I think therefore but am I smile
Whole life is a lie smile
Would you believe I'm shy smile
Big smile little smile
Going to acquittal smile
I do the stuff you don't smile
I say the things you won't smile
I own the stuff you couldn't smile
I really wish you wouldn't smile
Smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile.


Caz said...

That's clever.

Nothing about the KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKar-dash-i-ans, though.

TimT said...

Just because I write about celebrities doesn't mean I know anything about them. Kardashiwho?

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