Friday, May 31, 2013

Teapot song update

I'm a little teapot 
Short and stout 
Here is my handle 
Here is my spout 
When I get all steamed up 
Then I shout 
The most horrifying anti-semitic slogans imaginable which are frankly unrepeatable on the internet because I want to stop the spread of hate. 

(From that story we've all heard already...
JC Penney isn't anything like Hitler. But its Michael Graves Stainless Steel Tea Kettle is. The fact that its profile looks eerily like the Fuhrer's mien caused a stir online Tuesday, forcing the company to deny that it had any intention of introducing dictator silhouettes to its small appliances line.

JC Penney's 'Hitler Tea Kettle' Sold Out in Hours Because This Is the Internet)


Single Struggle Snippets said...

I did not purchase one of these crafty, subliminal messaged tea kettles; however, I think it took me half a second to see the image. Crazy.

TimT said...

It took me a full second to see the teapot! I was primed by the headline, I think.

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