Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday arts: portrait of a cat and a chicken

Portrait of a cat and a chicken
Harriet and Griselda
Beneath the outdoor table -
I took a picture with my poem
As soon as I was able. 

The above portrait was drawn by the artist TRAIN, Timothy, on seeing his cat (Harriet) and his chicken (Griselda) sitting together underneath the table. Not feeling that camera or acrylics would do the moment justice, he took the unusual step of using rhyme and meter as his medium. While reflecting some of Train's early influences from the abstract excrementalists and the famous Parisian artistic trio "The Two", it is of primary interest as an early example of Train's middle period*, although admittedly not as famous as his later notorious work "Landscape with Two Onions and a collapsing Neutron Star". Train also prepared for this work with brief sketch:

Light and shade, light and shade, 
Some oblongs and a square.
A blob or two, a splodge will do -
Feathers, whiskers, hair.

*Or perhaps a middling example of his early period, according to some critics.

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