Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Definitely not


(How did this blog post come about, I hear you cry?  I'll tell you. It's because of the brutally efficient IT system we have here at home:

TIM: Hey, how do I get the strike through to operate in Word?

BARON: I know how to do it on mine, but not on yours, your version of Word is all.... weird. 

TIM: Ooh, idea! You could do it in your Word and send it through to me!

BARON: Why don't I just do it in my email? I can do it in my email too! 

TIM: Yes! I'll watch! 

BARON: Hang on.... hang on, I've got an even better idea. Why don't you do it on blogger and just cut and paste? 

TIM: (Crestfallen) Yes you are absolutely right. Thanks. 

Got a problem? Just call us. We'll help.)

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