Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The stunning new literary movement that's sweeping the room

"What the hell's so good about six word fictions?" I found myself thinking the other day. "Now.... five and a half word fictions... there's a REAL challenge...."

And so I set to work on this bold new literary venture. Which I did by putting my notebook away, hopping on the train, and not writing any for the next week.

Finally I did come up with one, on Bell Station the other night (why are train stations and trains so good for this stuff?) Here it is; hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen...
Help! Stuck in cupboard! Pen run
I didn't stop there either. The following is my favourite:
"Who needs man?" cried the wo.
 Interestingly, it works just as well (stop laughing!) if you substitute the word "men" for "man". Some pernickety-snitch critics might of course interpret this as a careless slackness of my prose style, but I like to think it demonstrates my admirable versatility.

Speaking of admirable versatility, I kept plugging away at my literary inventing for another three or four lines. Some are too execrable to repeat, but then some were too terrible to have even been begun. So I'll show you the former:
Cat meow broken. Just says "ow". 
"Darling!" he cried. "Want a cho"...
And with that impulsive rush for the chocolate bar, I finish this list of five and a half word fictions. THE FIRST EVER IN THE WORLD PROBABLY. It's right up there with the time I invented haiku or singlehandedly engineered the limerick with thin air and a spare rubber band. 


Tony.T said...

Correction: sweeping the salon.

TimT said...

Probably should try sweeping the room/salon/area with a broom rather than a literary movement, should have better results.

Steve said...

I didn't realise that Hemingway probably didn't start all of this.

Steve said...

By the way, Tim, are you awesomely impressed with the Verification requests you can now get while commenting? I just had to pick the two cakes out of a selection of 9 photos.

I hate to imagine where this will lead, given the young 'uns these days and their nude selfies.

TimT said...

Mostly I just ignore them and they go away! They seem to be 'optional' verification requests. The other day Facebook gave me one though where I had to find a bunch of butterflies.

Steve said...

If they wanted to make it more challenging, perhaps they could force you to pick the Rhode Island Reds out of a group of 9 chickens...

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