Saturday, October 28, 2006

Notes from the Tropics

There In The Hell!
I'm in Sydney - flying back to Melbourne on Monday! I'm here for a wedding. Not mine, you scurrilous gossips - or at least, not that I'm aware of ...

Cloud and Clear!
Gosh, I like flying. There was a gorgeous cloudbank folding over Melbourne when my plane flew out from Avalon; there was about two minutes when we were absolutely surrounded by white heavy clouds. Then we came out and actually had the opportunity to look at these mounds of gas - from on top. You could see how the clouds made shadows on the land, and the shape those shadows took.
It was very cool.

A Groom With a Crew
Went out on the town last night with A., the husband to be, and a few of his family and mates. Started out at a place called 'The Slip Inn'. I didn't even realise it was a pun until I spoke it out loud. Completely by coincidence, when I was looking for the folks at the pub, I thought up the name of a possible McSweeney's article: "Conversations held in a pub where the music is so loud that no-one can hear anyone else talk."

Look Back Lacks Books!
Hit the bookstores this morning and late this afternoon. The cool second-hand poetry bookstore on Norton Street is gone. Neither of the two swanky stores remaining had P J O'Rourke's new book in (apparently the publishers delayed printing). On Glebe Point Road, Sappho books and Da Capo Music have both moved and merged into one store, in the process attracting a cafe. (The Valhalla is also closed). And the Cornstalk seems to be perpetually closing. When I looked in, half of the shelves were empty (a few more than last time I looked in). Also had this conversation with the guy playing Solitaire at the computer.

TIM: Hi.

GUY: Hi.

TIM: Got any S J Perelman?

GUY: No.

TIM: That's rather deflating.

GUY: That's life.

TIM: Oh well. I guess I'll just keep on looking. I might find something amongst all these ... books.

I said 'bye' to him when I left. He actually waited until I walked out of the store, then looked up and said 'bye' while I was passing by the window. Guess he just wanted to check that I wasn't having him on.

Sines and Wanders
"Doctor. Specialising in sleep disorder and chest pains."

Specialising in taking it away, or giving it out?

"The Leichardt Council Does Not Support the Howard Government's Workplace Anti-Union Agenda."

That's nice.

I Spent a Month There One Saturday Afternoon
Saw my brother this afternoon. Disappointing? Well, disappointing is his favourite word. He grumbles about perpetually painting his house. He sighs about the shopping centre not having a bookshop. He makes sandwiches for lunch and when I make a silly joke chides me for being 'smart'. I retort huffily that I try to be honest. He says in a singsong voice that being diplomatic is the key to civilisation or similar. I make a joke about how his dog is similar to our old dog, Bella. He immediately closes the conversation by saying 'That's different' and talking about the weather. He's sad but he doesn't want to say it.

Later, he shows me where the books are. Inexplicably, he starts painting again for two minutes, then stops. He shows me an old organ where most of the keys don't work in the garage. "It seemed a pity to throw it out," he says.

On the car back to the train stop, he starts yawning. I start yawning. "Tired?" I say. "I'm always tired," he sighs.

When I get on the train, I ask him about the pipe band competition he's in tomorrow. He immediately cheers up.

"It was good to see you," I say.

Get a ticket to Carlingford. Catch the train to Liverpool. Stop. Get off. Catch the train back to Granville. Stop. Get on the train to Clyde. Stop. Get off at Clyde. Get on the train to Carlingford. Realise that the train to Carlingford is actually filled with pretty girls with silly hats. Hear the voice saying 'This train stops at Rosehill Racecourse" Get off the train to Rosehill Racecourse. Look at the timetable for the train to Carlingford. Realise that the train to Carlingford doesn't come in for another hour. Wait. Get on the train to Carlingford.

Visit your brother.

Get back on the train to Clyde. Repeat, in reverse order ...*

Yawn, Yawn, Here Cometh The Dawn
I'm beginning to think it may have been a mistake to stay in a hotel on Paramatta Road!

*I'm working on an article entitled "Train stops I have known."


nailpolishblues said...

Parramatta Road? No plans for sleep then?

I’m presently house-sitting for my aunt, had I known you needed a room I’d have rented you one. Do you like dogs? How about pretentious neighbours? Water views?

nailpolishblues said...

Oh, and tropics my arse. I've got the bloody heater on and it's been too cold and windy to use the pool. More irritating is that I know that the neighbour's pool is heated.

TimT said...

Bloggers having a spazzo attack. These comments aren't showing up. Yeah, it's been cold alright, but it was still warm and humid on the Friday night when I came up. I'm enjoying the views of the warehouses on Paramatta Road, but no, the sleep thing happens rarely and infrequently. And it's *brighter* here in Sydney! It's easier to fool yourself into thinking it's not time to get up when the sun is blocked out by the clouds.

Off to the wedding this arvo. Hopefully get drunk with the bride and groom afterwards. Doesn't this daylight saving thing suck arse? Means I've got to get up an hour earlier tomorrow morning to catch the plane.

TimT said...

Oh and yeah, water views sound neat - what, is your aunt a property tycoon or something?

Kick back and have a martini or something for me. Through the olive pips in the pretentious neighbours pool. I'm off to struggle with a bow tie before heading down to Glebe for the wedding ...

Anonymous said...

Tropics, Pfft.

Adventures in the Suburbs of Sydney, sounds like a wonderful weekend.
My family used to live near carlingford, it gives me no comfort when I go there. I prefer Glebe and Newtown.

nailpolishblues said...

Not a tycoon...but she did buy the house across the street so that no-one could redevelop it and spoil her water views...

Daylight savings got me too. I'll be confused for weeks.

Mish said...

I have friends who live in Carlingford who I vow never to visit via public transport.

I trust your hotel room was cheap then :) Haha Parramatta Road!

TimT said...

I have more suburban adventures coming up when I get home from work today - I've been walking all over Sydney on the weekend. SO STIFF!

Anonymous said...

TimmyT you are such a whinger, it was no where near tropical this weekend. How cold can Melbourne be, really?

I sympathise with the walking though and getting a room on parramatta rd? Jesus... recipe for disaster...

you make me laugh.

Its a pity your word verification stuff makes me cry

TimT said...

Here in Melbourne, there is nothing better than a Red Whine of an evening!

nailpolishblues said...

So, did you pick up a member of the wedding party of your sexual preferences? Do tell, wedding stories are always fun.

TimT said...

Wedding stories coming up. I didn't pick up, but I was a complete whore with my poetry zine.

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