Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rhymes About Various Poets

Just been re-reading some Ogden Nash. He's a really good poet, did you know that? I thought I'd write a couple of rhymes in his style, just to try it on for size ...

He spenced, I spence, we will spence

Sir Edmund spenced both up and down -
He spenced in Ireland and London-town -
He spenced for all - to great acclaim -
So folks made Spencer his last name.

Who the hell would marry a guy called Donne?

When I first heard that Shakespeare's first name was Will
I started to wonder if he Will or Won't.
When I first heard that John's last name was Donne
I started to wonder what John Donne and what he Don't.

The naming of mixes, or, the first poet of spring

When I first began at the start of the year,
I couldn't tell my Shakesworth from my Wordspeare,
Then to the teacher's continued mirth,
I mixed up my Willspeare with my Shakesworth.
Now I get on, it becomes clearer and clearer
Which one is Wordsworthy, and which is Shakespearer.


Hooch said...

Nice poetry dude. I have a challenge for you: It's a race against the Brothers Sterne in celebration of International Funk Day. Hope you're up for it.

TimT said...

Those rascally Sternes beat me to it!

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