Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amazing diet foods of tomorrow!


With only half the fat, half the calories, half the sugar, half the chemicals, and half the toxins of the conventional Whole Banana, the Half-Banana is a revolution in diet foods! And although, regrettably, the amazing Half-Banana has only half as much banana as the Whole Banana, the whole Half-Banana is a whole lot more half-filling than the Whole Banana!

- More healthy than other "health foods"

- Puts only half-as-much banana related "chemicals" into your hips and thighs!

- Will fit in half as much space as the bulky and inefficient Whole Banana!


Tim said...

Buy one get one free!

TimT said...

I see this more as one of those boutique products - a 'Buy less, pay more' kind of thing.

TimT said...

And with a clickety-click, away the spam goes! Whither it came from, nobody knows!

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