Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's a funny dunny

Having recently signed up to attend a German-themed poetry slam, I've spent the last couple of days wondering idly whether I'd be able to come up with a German-themed poem for said German-themed poetry slam.

"I know", I said to myself. "I'll write an updated version of Beowulf. About plumbing!"

Said poem turned out to be very fun to write, and very long (it takes some 10 minutes in the performance, and at last count was 1,234 words exactly), and in fact, very unsuitable for performance at said slam . Some quotes:

The cistern crack'd from side to side
"The curse has come upon me!" cried
Wendell of Werribee...

Great gobbets of gunk
Fly free from the worm...

He breathes in green bile,
A bubbling brew....

So yeah. That's how I've been spending the last couple of days. How about you?


The Topiary Cow said...

This is great! In fact, would like to see all of it. Nothing better than plumbing metaphors, methinks.

TimT said...

How can I resist a cow, Topiary or otherwise?

Of course, in this poem, some might accuse me of plumbing the depths of depravity...

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