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Plunger, coffee
Tim likes his coffee to be made in a plunger.

The era of the pot
Prior to drinking coffee coming from his plunger, Tim drank coffee out of pots. In Newcastle, he got given a pot by his mother. This pot had a propensity for growing mould in the bottom that was annoying to Tim.

Later, in Coburg (See also: Coburg era), Tim drank coffee out of his flatmate's pot. On one occasion, he left the coffee in the pot on the stove for two hours and came back to discover the bottom of the pot was burnt. He avoided his flatmate for several days after this incident, but thankfully, the flatmate never seemed to have noticed. He continued drinking coffee out of this pot for several months after this incident, but it left a bad taste in his mouth.

The great switch to plungers
On moving to Thornbury, Tim procured a plunger. He greatly enjoyed the taste of the coffee that came out of the plunger. Sometimes, he liked to have the plunger coffee with some gingerbread. Other meals Tim likes to have with his coffee now include: croissants, toast with vegemite and toaste with jam or honey, biscuits, and cake. (See also: food that Tim is partial too).

Tim's first plunger broke one morning after having boiling water poured into it, causing the glass (which had frosted overnight in the cold air) to crack. Tim's second plunger lasted until last night, when he accidentally brushed it into the sink and it cracked, thwarting him in his plans to have gingerbread and butter with hot coffee in the morning.

Tim is currently drinking instant coffee at work, but not enjoying it that much.

See also: plunger, significance in Tim's poetry; plungers, how cool Tim thinks they are; other things with coffee in them that Tim also likes.


forlorn said...

How terrible! I imagine you probably felt just as I felt last week when my sister's cat (for which I am presently the primary caregiver) did something unmentionable to three (!) teapots.

Nick Crumbedprawn said...

I don't buy it. What your data source for all this wild-eyed speculation, Tim?

TimT said...

My bibliography is extensive! It may even include one person. Naysayer!

Steve said...

Tim, what is your take on correct plunging technique. I think I have heard that, contrary to expectations, one should plunge straight away, more or less. Is this correct?

TimT said...

Forlorn, three teapots in one day is a prodigous strike rate. Methinks that kitty-kat is a teapot commando in its spare time. It's the only explanation.

I wonder though if you emitted the same swear words that I did on realising what happened...

Steve - an interesting question. Now, I'm not sure what the official argument for prevaricating before plunging is. However, if you plunge straight away, quite often the water will spray out, all over your computer/book/newspaper. It gets easier if you leave the plunger sitting for a minute or two, I know that, though I'm not sure why. The coffee is still adequately hot, so it's worth waiting a minute or two.

On occasions I do find it harder to push the plunger down than others. I'm usually too impatient to wait for too long, so I just push it down anyway and really, it doesn't seem to make any difference to the coffee.

forlorn said...

To be fair to the cat, I was silly enough to place the teapots next to each other on the bench (of course it was not my entire collection), but I am realising the benefits of choosing female over male cats.

And I'm sure I said far worse things than you did and many more of them. It may not seem like it and, certainly, I am restrained in public, but I am the doyen of the f word in private.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

More Timpedia entries!

Anonymous said...

"but I am the doyen of the f word in private"

Feline! Feline! Feline!

- Maria

forlorn said...


:) (I don't know how emoticons chuckle).

That too, although there is also an unaccountable sense of despair and panic (much as I love them).

TimT said...

That would be :p.

forlorn said...

I always thought that :P was toothy grin whilst smoking a pipe.

TimT said...

Maybe it's a homophone?

forlorn said...

I think you're certainly on to something there. Actually, I've always used ":P" to denote poking out my tongue, and now I find that I could well have been chuckling sympathetically or even smoking a pipe with persons I wished to poke my tongue out at. Why, I could be telling you that I am choking on my pipe because of a foolhardy decision to poke out my tongue at an inopportune moment and you might think that I'm only chuckling!

Clearly, only a comprehensive edition of the Timpedia can save us from these perils.

TimT said...

Timpedia, volume eleventy seven. Fa - Fu
(Fa = Father's strange sayings, Fu = Fudge, affection that Tim feels for)

Frustration at not knowing what to say next in the comments of a blog post
Tim often encounters frustration at not knowing what to say next in the comments of a blog post. Once he even cited an entry out of the Timpedia in place of an actual intelligent comment!

forlorn said...

That's alright, T. I suffer from the opposite affliction of having a response to everything (which can make one equally anxious).

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