Saturday, February 27, 2010

The compromise solution

A ten-year strategy costing millions of pounds to cut the “shameful” number of teenage pregnancies in Britain has failed to make any serious impact... Among plans to be announced today will be more access to long-acting contraception, such as implants and injections, and phone texts to remind girls to use contraceptives...But critics say far more needs to be done to deter young people from having sex, rather than providing them with ever more free condoms and access to the contraceptive pill.
- Ministers admit failure over cutting ‘shameful’ teenage pregnancies, The Times
They're both wrong. I suggest a third solution: educating children to abstain from sex at all times, while continuing to wear condoms. It's called compromise, people!

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Davo said...

That'll upset the Vatican. Fornication is it's raison detre. (Won't admit, of course).

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