Saturday, February 06, 2010

Domestic tableau

I have spent this morning bustling around the Baronial mansions putting things up and putting them down in other places, wiping grime off things and then wiping it back on again, and twirling the broom around in an effort to hypnotise the cats. Currently, I am building up quite a nice pile of dust in the living room, which is being supervised by Beatrice. When the pile of dust is suitably piley, and suitably located in one spot instead of all over the house, I will go to fetch the dustpan, whereupon Bea will pounce upon the pile, scattering it all over the house again. This is the order of things.

Interestingly, while I was sweeping stuff away from one of those dicky little corners that form between the bookshelf, the table, and the bench, I found a little unopened jar that had been hiding in a far corner of this far corner. It was saffron. I'm not quite sure how to take this: as a reward for my labours, perhaps? Maybe if I continue bustling around the house in this manner with broom and brush and dustpan, I will keep on finding more and more jars of unopened saffron, and I can think of them as prizes. Then again, I might start feeling guilty for having lost so much saffron.

Next time we lose saffron, however, I think we should let the jars break. It increases the sense of drama, and makes the floor taste so much nicer and more exotic, don't you think? I'll make a note of this and let the Baron know.


Steve said...

A reward from who? Baron, the cats, or the an ancient god with an interest in spice?

I lean towards the theory that the cats are toying with you.

As for saffron and ancient gods, I found this:

"A mortal youth named Krokus fell in love with a beautiful nymph called Smilax. She soon tired of his advances, but Krokus continued his pursuit of Smilax. Some legends claim the gods, taking pity on the amorous and desperate youth, turned him into a crocus flower, while others say Smilax changed him into the beautiful flower. Another variation claims the god Hermes accidentally killed Krokus, and the ground where his blood was spilled is where the first crocus flower grew. It is also said that Zeus, king of the Greek gods, slept on a bed made of saffron."

So, I recommend you sprinkle it on your sheets if you want to feel like a God.

TimT said...

I lean towards the theory that the cats are toying with you.

Theory? Good heavens Steve, that's nothing but cold hard fact.

I hadn't considered that they may have had something to do with the saffron angle, though it stands to reason.

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