Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Beginninninninninninninngs and endendendendendendendings

It begins in the morning, when you're having Weeties, or Cheerios, or Choco Ricies at home. You might be listening to the radio play some disco, or you might not. After that, perhaps, you call up Mumsy or Daddy-O, who are a hippy and a yuppy, respectively, and have a chat. You walk up the street and use your Amex to get some Coffex at the cafe with your ex. Or possibly even your ex-ex.

But it's when you see the hipster logging on to Napster by the dumpster that the full horror of the situation hits you....


Marshall Stacks said...

I went over to Friendster and saw that Thommo, Johnno and Hendo from Tassie will be here at Chrissie for a barbie and some telly with the rellies ... and then I had the sense to give up. Patois schmatois.

TimT said...

I'll just play a tune for Thommo and Johnno and Hendo... on my oboe.

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