Friday, December 17, 2010


This man is death to spoons.

By training for years, and harnessing the unbelievable powers of his mind, this man has been able to attain the highest summit of human achievement, and bend - even break - spoons at his will. I'd be pretty scared right now. If I was a spoon.

Anyway, I propose a 24 hour channel be devoted to the many achievements of Uri Geller. (Mostly involving spoons). Gellervision, here we come!


Anonymous said...

This guy is a fraud, James Randi epossed him long time ago, google it. C'mon this is sooo old.

TimT said...

Anon - or, as I like to call you, 'Spoony McSpoon Spoon' - I bet you're just a spoon and you're afraid of what will happen if Geller ever gets his spoon-slaughtering hands on you.

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