Monday, November 28, 2011

Baked bean Monday

It's Monday, which means it must be time to eat my ritual Monday baked bean. No, not plural. Just one. We have about 20 baked bean cans in the cupboard, and I figure if I eat just one every Monday, by the time I'm 85, I'll have got through... one can.

That's okay, I'm sure I can take it.

Not sure about 'half a broad bean Tuesday', though, coming up tomorrow, in which I have gravely undertaken to eat half a broad bean in my bold effort to keep back the billions of broad beans we have around the house at the moment. Or 'rice grain' Thursday, where I polish and boil a single grain of rice before dividing it into equal 9ths, to be taken each hour for the rest of the day (I mean, by the time I reach the 7th rice grain I'm pretty full.)

On the other hand, bugger it. I'm eating the rest of the ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Without wanting to be accused as a 'has bean', I have been eating Homebrand Baked Beans (now exactly 69 c at the Not Quite Right shop) for 24 years, 4 months, 22 days, and 17 hours. I feel I am qualified to make judgements on beanery and concomitant aesthetic valuations in a Post Modern context, with bean as both signified and signifier in light of Dr Schmell Fartung's famous commentary of Uber bean matrixes 'Da beeeen iz very goooot, in der zituations of da Monday needs fer voood, but never forget zie power of der Friday bean banquet...which has proven to make peoples live in longer wayz...ya ya..'
I hope this helps.

TimT said...

Come over and I will give you a third of my baked bean. I feel I can make that sacrifice at least.

TimT said...

Bean there, done that?

Anonymous said...

Look old bean, I know times are hard, but I am quite prepared to bring my own cellophaned bean if I perchance visit your demesne.

TimT said...

Be lentil with me! If you soy so, I believe you.

Anonymous said...

This Christmas you could be the lucky person who receives a hand crafted baked bean with deluxe brown paper wrapping. This gift is ideal for sharing with the family on Christmas day after the Lord's Prayer for his divine benificence. Amen.

TimT said...

I conflatulate you on your noble thoughts. I would be happy to break bread, or should that be wind, with you any time.

Anonymous said...

Tim,please don't pun love :)

Email: timhtrain - at -

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