Thursday, November 03, 2011

Greetings, inhabitants of Futuropolis

For GetUp's time capsule featuring our messages to the future (linked by Tim), I have opted for a humble poem, called, well


As the preacher greets the sinner,
As the doctor greets the suture,
We the people of the past
Greet the people of the future

With a short and modest message
In words simple and sincere,
But their meaning and their moral
Is absolutely clear:

We saved the world! Don’t blow it!
We saved the world! Take care!
So don’t sell it cheap on e-bay,
We don’t have another spare.

We saved the world! Start cheering!
Although, of course, it’s true
While we saved it for the future
We just weren’t expecting *you*.

We saved it from igniting,
Or some other gruesome fate
Caused by a changing climate –
What have *you* done of late?

With a legislative program
Of higher taxes, meant
To cut the world’s emissions
By an nth of one per cent,

We saved it. Thanks to us,
And a simple ETS,
Though the globe might still be warming,
It’s now warming one bit less.

So don’t flirt with Terminators
(They’re easy to avoid),
So don’t steer earth in the path
Of a Killer Asteroid,

So don’t die from a pandemic
From the Xenopsylla flea
So don’t waste it watching porno
On your digital TV –

We saved the world! Be grateful!
But don’t move down on the bus,
For we have just remembered
That you is also us.

And when we reach the future
(Whenever that is planned)
We would like to meet us warmly,
We will shake us by the hand,

We saved the world! How jolly!
We saved the world! Huzzah!
Now if you’ll just excuse us
We’ll be with me at the bar.


Anonymous said...

I have this image of some surgeon mid-procedure saying. 'Howdy suture, and how have you been? Lets get to and so this gaping wound up.' Sadly, I have not met such a surgeon.

Anonymous said...

oh, and you have really upped the ante about leaving a message now!

Anonymous said...

So Tim, you inspired me to write something. None of your humour and rhyme I'm afraid.

I tried my loves, I tried

Forty years is not a long time to be on this Earth
and yet, such change to behold
a warming planet
erratic rain
a dryness like no other
a parched bare Earth is not what you deserve
so I yell, plead, harangue
conserve energy, use renewables
grow my own food, save seeds
agitate for change
and silently hope it will be enough

TimT said...

Poetry is a bit of an unfair way of making a political comment as it's hard to reply in kind. Impossible, really, because you have to speak to the author of the poem, whereas most if not all poems have some ironic content - the poetic 'speaker' is not the same as the poet. So are you going to argue with the speaker or the poet?

Same difficulty with parodies, cartoons, etc...

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