Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An extremely simple and attractive proposition

I hereby propose that the letters ACGT, denoting the four DNA nucleotides, be replaced with other letters. The letters would be carefully chosen so that, in a certain language, if arranged in a certain order, they would spell a series of incredibly shocking swear words. Thus, aside from providing us with the building blocks of our identity and millions of years of genetic inheritance, our DNA would also provide us with hours of light-hearted amusement.


Caz said...

A simple, descriptive and true headline.


First time for everything (you just have to live long enough); as I am wont to say.

TimT said...

Headline woes over at the Hun, though, where on the weekend they posted a back page picture of Cyril Rioli with the rather unfortunate headline, GRAND WIZARD - evoking the Klan, perhaps, rather than any magic on the footy field...

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