Monday, September 24, 2012

The amazing exciting language of Englih.

The '' key on my keyboard ha topped working. Not jut any key, it' a key of ingular importance. You will know the '' key, of coure, it' the key for the letter that you ue to put at the end of mot plural and the letter you find at the tart of a number of other word.

Thing are getting quite eriou!

o anyway, conidering the tate of affair on my computer, I wondered if a imple redeign of the Englih language might not be in order. You know, eliminating the letter altogether, thu making the language of Englih altogether more treamlined and leek and elegant.

Here are jut a few of the new and exciting word you'll be able to ue:

weet! and avoury! 

I am ure you'll all agree, there' a world of poibility out there. It wouldn't take much to make thi new, exciting Enligh language work.

Alternatively, I could get my keyboard fixed. I uppoe that' poible. Doe anyone know how to do that? I'm all out of idea on that front.


Anonymous said...

It's remarkable how one's brain reinserts the missing letter though...with such apparent ease...

Anonymous said...

Just use the F af in days of yore and fpeak with an infliction.

TimT said...

So far my solutions have been
- cut and paste. Works well for one letter, what if another letter goes?
- The under_core.
- A timely *tar.
- A lithp! (Though it theemth thomewhat affected when you type a lithp rather than thay it.)

TimT said...

I do indulge in occasional, appropriate use of that 'f' substitute technique anon...

Anonymous said...

Last night John's wife told us a funny joke.

Minicapt said...

Under the flag in the Menu Bar, select "Show Keyboard Viewer".


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