Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ken this

Old Norse Kenning for sword: 'onion-of-war', or 'leek-of-war'.

Now use it in a sentence:

'I must be off now wife, for with my onion-of-war I must dice the field-sausages* to use in tonight's bowl-blood**'.

'But enough of Grimnir's lip streams***, friends, for now I must ride-the-cushioned-waves**** with the far-sight***** while battling-with-the-fridge-icebergs******.'

'Why do you trouble me, mother? For I was journeying on the flannel-highway******* to the land-of-pillow-song******** where my onion-of-war would be needed no more.'

UPDATE! - Yes,I don't actually use 'onion-of-war' in the second sentence. I didn't want to. Bah, to hell with the lot of you! I'm going to bestride the flannel-highway once more!

* Field-sausages: modern Timnish kenning for zucchinis. 

** Bowl-blood: modern Timnish kenning for stew.

*** Grimnir's lip streams: old Norse for poetry.

**** Ride-the-cushioned-waves: modern Timnish kenning for sitting on the couch.

***** Far-sight: modern Timnish kenning for television. (I believe German for television is 'fernsehen', or far-seeing'). 

****** Battling-with-the-fridge-icebergs: eating ice cream.

*******Flannel-highway: modern Timnish kenning for bed. 

********Land-of-pillow-song: modern Timnish kenning for dreaming. 

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