Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Bang Bleary

Bit of a first today: my first beer bottle explosion, that is!

I was just sitting here at the other end of the house minding my own business (or whoever else's business I happened to have at that point) when a sudden bang and a tinkling of glass went through my eardrums.

I immediately leapt out of my chair and into action and/or my pants. Our cat Beatrice had taken the sensible course and hidden deep underneath the purple couch, which I probably would have done myself if there was any room left over, but I couldn't, so I went into the kitchen to see what happened. Glass all over the floor, beer dripping from the bench, and mess everywhere: a bit like a quiet night in the '80s in one of Tony T's old pubs, then.

Another homebrewing success! Drinks of water all round! 

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