Thursday, March 28, 2013

Film review

This was a film whose theme was issues, and which dealt with the undercover reality beneath the surface truths. The issue-theme developed over the structural organisation of the topical format until it was themed with issues, revealing important subjects over the theme of issues, and important thoughts over the issue of themed subjects. The important importance of the issue of issues was revealed by the revelations which climaxed in the climactic scene, before the plot concluded decisively the narrative, which demonstrated for once and for all that the undercover obvious themes were often hiding the less-evident relevant topics related to the issues. This was a film rich with interpretation, analysis, criticism, and interpretation of the analytical criticisms inherent in previous criticisms of the analytic interpretation. Some of the things explored in this film included: the topic of issues, the issue of themes, the theme of reality, the reality of themes, the analysis of criticism, the criticism of subjective objects, the objective nature of subjective reality, and the format of subjective issue themed structural principles.

I would not hesitate to recommend this ad for Kellogs Cornflakes to anyone.

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TimT said...

KILLER FACT! I actually didn't watch an ad for Kellogs Cornflakes. I made this up. Life is full of surprises!

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