Thursday, March 21, 2013

What didn't happen in politics today, and who wasn't there to make it happen

A poem in honour of the Australian Labor Party, who somehow manage to turn the non-story of Gillard remaining Prime Minister into a complete media disaster for themselves.

The man who wasn't there
The isn't man, he wasn't there,
He wouldn't run, he doesn't care
To be the one who wouldn't win
And ends up writing for the Fin.

He wasn't there a lot today.
I think he hasn't come to stay; 
Perhaps that's why some people say,
'I wish that man would go away.' 


thewaysheworetime said...

No! Evil corruption! No! No! No! Dislike.

bruce said...

With thanks to Hughes Mearns:

- just helping you out there Tim.

TimT said...

Indeed, I was saying that poem to myself the other day and thought, 'hmmm, reminds me of the Labor Party'. And in half an hour this little ditty was written. Not surprising to find out it's already inspired quite a number of parodies and imitations, it's very famous.

bruce said...

You're right, it IS reminiscent of the Labor Party, and I like your take.

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