Sunday, March 31, 2013


Read about sectarian violence today in some part of the world. But then again I'm always reading about sectarian violence in some part of the world; no-one ever wants to talk about sectarian peace. Simmering sectarian happiness in Victoria today broke out into outright sectarian peace, with sudden attacks of sectarian niceness and sectarian cups of tea. See? Same goes for anything prefaced by ethnic, racial, and so on: who wants to read about a tense situation of ethnic cheeriness rapidly spiralling out of control into outbursts of racial singing before everyone becomes embroiled in all-out sectarian fairy cake parties? Ugh. Sounds sickening. Like a Disney musical. Makes you want to go out and commit unprovoked sectarian violence against someone. So you can see why the media sorts prefer that to the alternative.

In conclusion, the end.

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