Sunday, June 16, 2013

An overstated understatement poem

An overstated understatement poem
or possibly
An understated overstatement poem

The overstated underpants
Were much too undersized
To cover over much at all
Or leave it in disguise,
And what they didn't cover over
Was less than you might wonder
Hence the underwhelming underpants
They only half sat under.


St Knickerless said...

My briefs were far too brief,
My smalls were very small,
My bloomers hadn’t blossomed
And my drawers tended to fall.
My knickers lacked the kick
That one wants in a fig leaf,
And my boxers barely boxed the bum
That sat there underneath.
I solved this parlous state
By means a little drastic:
I cobbled up a pair o’ pants
With bedsheet and elastic.

TimT said...


I do commend the economics outlined in your tale,
And furthermore suggest you name it 'economies of scale'.

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