Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The best woman man thing for the job!

Clearly things have been a bit quiet and simple lately, and people have started to feel a little complacent, because the Australian Labor Party has decided to come along and make everything more complicated and confuse the entire public. Let me see if I can sum up the entire situation:

Certainly, Kevin Rudd was the Labor man best suited to be Prime Minister in the lead up to the 2011 election, a position which he held before Julia Gillard was obviously the best first female Prime Minister ever to contest the same election, for the Labor Party, which was definitely the best Labor Party to vote for in that historic election. Aside from being the only first female Prime Minister Australia has ever, or will continue to ever have, until the next one, Julia Gillard was also clearly the leader best suited to lead the Labor Party to the 2013 election, until Kevin Rudd took over those positions tonight, making him without a doubt the best man to be female Prime Minister elect ever, and in the unique position of being yesterday's man for the future two seconds ago today, but whether he will be the same man of yesterday's future when tomorrow is Monday is another question entirely. However, as Bill Shorten will have already said any day now, "Whatever Kevin Gillard, I mean Julia Rudd, I mean Kevin Rudd said, I'm sure he's right".

What does this mean for Australia? Concerns have already been raised over the fact that this backstabbing in the middle of a show down could lead to a blood bath such as we haven't seen since the Titanic fell flaming out of the sky, but on the other hand Tony Abbott is certainly not fit for the role of female Prime Minister, so that's okay then.

Confused? Good, carry on then.

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