Monday, July 08, 2013

Ridgey didge bridge

AN AUSTRALIAN woman has found a bridge to love, marrying the 14th century Le Pont du Diable Bridge in southern France....Ms Rose did not say how she determined the gender of the bridge. - Telegraph, Jodi Rose bridges differences to marry Le Pont du Diable Bridge in France

Ode to a bridge 
O tensile structure of chromium steel 
Spanning land sea and sky like a God of this place
As you chant day and night to the thrum of the wheel
With your girders and pylons aquiver in space
O glorious neomodern geospatial design
You beckon me on with your galvanic gleam
Infrastructure so perfect, your arches so fine,
O marvel of science I am yours you are mine. 

(It was only part way through writing this piece that I found out the bridge in France this lady was marrying was centuries old and made out of brick. Oh well.)

UPDATE! - Well crap, I didn't even get the rhyme-scheme right. This poem isn't worth the paper it's not written on!
Ooh la la. 


Caz said...

Nice curves.

TimT said...

That bridge is from the Firth of Forth apparently!

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