Saturday, August 17, 2013

TRUTH IN LABELLING STUDY: Arnott's Nice biscuits

For today's Truth In Labelling Study, we examine Arnott's Nice biscuits. Are Arnott's Nice biscuits actually nice biscuits at all? If they don't actually taste nice, it would be wrong to continue calling these not-nice biscuits Nice biscuits, as the very name Nice would suggest that a certain niceness would be inherent in the experience of eating them. Why, the biscuits might be downright nasty, which would be the complete antithesis of nice, which would mean that it would be more appropriate to call the biscuits 'Not-Nice biscuits' or 'Yucky biscuits'. On the other hand, what if Nice biscuits are actually delicious, a sublime gastronomic experience that makes your taste buds tingle and causes you to spontaneously enter a rapturous state in which the meaning of life, the universe and everything becomes clear? Then, too, it would be wrong to call these sublimely delicious biscuits Nice biscuits, as although you wouldn't exactly be disappointed, you might be disappointed by the lack of disappointment. So it is quite important that Nice biscuits are actually nice, I think you'll agree.

To test the niceness or not-niceness of Nice biscuits, recently we bought a packet and gave it a taste test. The Nice biscuits were actually not terrible, but not wonderful either, being pleasing without actually being so pleasing that they were biscuits you might actually want to keep on buying all the time. Nice biscuits actually are nice.


Next week, we stay in the biscuit world and test Arnott's Scotch Finger biscuits. Are the biscuits actually made out of the fingers of Scotch people? Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!


Steve said...

Aren't they pronounced "niece"?

TimT said...

Someone told me on Facebook they were named after the city Nice pronounced 'niece'. Fair point, well made, but Wikipedia says there's a debate about whether the pronunciation is 'niece' or 'nice'. So my incredibly important blog post STANDS UNCORRECTED ;)

Steve said...

I wonder if I could convince you that Scotch Finger are pronounced Scotch Fin-jer. (In celebration of the Auld Alliance.)

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