Thursday, March 31, 2005

Belated Ridiculous Post

This is a post I wrote about a week ago as a kind of response after seeing The Incredible Melk on stage. I'm still not sure whether it's any good or if it's just dumb, but I'm putting it up anyway.

You know, when I was a young boy of about five years old and I had plans to kidnap the Easter Bunny and steal all of its chocolate and assassinate Santa Claus, I used to dream about Delta Goodrem. It would be running about in a cage, looking for a way to escape - the Easter Bunny, not Delta Goodrem - but I'd catch it and make rabbit pie. I'd be wearing my best Delta Goodrem dress and singing 'Innocent Eyes' while I skinned the bunny, and playing the piano while I did so. But those were long years ago, and I was small, and Delta Goodrem hadn't even been born, which made matters rather difficult.
In case you are wondering what I'm on about, I went to a show tonight. The Incredible Melk has put together a show called The Incredible Melk, for all people who looked up to Delta Goodrem. It's a show for the girly girls, even if that girly girl is more of a man's man, or a lumberjack, or a computer spare-parts salesman. It's an all-rapping supershow, full of witty lyrics, and samples from the Melk's Karma Sutra, not to mention snippets from her incredibly fabulous life with Delta and other superstars. So it's definitely worth going to, even if you are more of a Bec Cartwright fan rather than a Delta man.
Anyway, I guess the point I am trying to make is that rabbit pie tastes really really good, that you should all have a wonderful wonderful easter and try to come to Mel's show. It's good.



Ha ha! TimT I only noticed today and it's great.

Had no idea who that Buggery character was but your post was a pisser. Still laughing!

TimT said...

Cheers John. Paul's a socialist who recently moved from Newcastle to Melbourne.

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