Thursday, July 28, 2005

Age Rage

Happy? Cheery? Of a generally upbeat disposition?

You may be in serious need of an anger-fix, courtesy of The Melbourne Age. It's the paper that's guaranteed to send even Goldilocks into full-blown, mouth-frothing indignation. Yes, you may be skipping through the fields picking tulips, but after glancing at the Melbourne Age, you'll feel more like committing cold-blooded murder in a vicious and sadistic manner!

It's got something for every one! For the Righties, it has articles by various terror appeasers. And for the Left-wingers, it offers a wide variety of pieces by Centrists - guaranteed to send even the most gentle socialist into an ideological fury!

Yes, The Melbourne Age has everything the Anger-needy could ever want. We even have at least three cut-out pictures of this countries leader, John Howard, in every issue. Stare at this unlikely figure of authority and Hate to your hearts content!

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Rachel said...

hm, there's probably a reason why I don't read The Age anymore.

TimT said...

That's pretty much the only reason I do have for reading The Age.

Rachel said...

what? To get fuel for some lefty bashing?

TimT said...

No, because I like to have something to shout at. But check this out, I read this in The Age today:

The iconic image of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara in his black beret, a powerful and glamorous depiction of the guerilla fighter's spirit, is part of a bridge-building Australian exhibition of four of Cuba's best-known revolutionary photographers...

"I decided to ask them if they would exhibit in Australia, which they were all excited about. We have so much misinformation about Cuba and I hope this exhibition will promote a better understanding between our countries."

"Cuba remains a poor country - still the subject of a 40-year-old US diplomatic and trade embargo - but one in which the poverty is at least shared more equally than before and which is underwritten by a scheme of free medical care and education.

"A lot hasn't changed since the late 1950s because of the trade embargoes," says Dunbar, whose contemporary photos of Havana show rundown, marvellously decorated old buildings and cobbled streets filled with people dealing in a leisurely way with a life full of restrictions."

This made me SO ANGRY. It is basically a propaganda vehicle for the far left. Hardly anyone, apart from the Green Left, accepts the view that America is guilty for Cuban poverty.
I was especially furious about the positive spin the reporter gave on Cuba's ongoing poverty - 'at least it is now more fairly distributed'.
The editor only had to think about that for a second to realise the whopping hole in this argument. (Cuba is still poor, but now EVEN MORE people are poor? WTF???) But no, they just let the whole bloody article go through.
I rang them up to complain. I'm not going to buy a paper that publishes this. Screw them.

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