Friday, July 15, 2005

Where Am I?

A few months ago, I ended up in Melbourne more or less by accident. Now, I've finally moved into a place on Victoria Street in Brunswick, so it looks like I'm stuck here.

Not that that's a bad thing. I've been enjoying Melbourne immensely. It is, amongst other things, an exceedingly geometrical city. The streets are long and straight, and intersect one another at ninety degree angles; the buildings are delightfully cubic.

This makes for some interesting sculptures:

The Brunswick neighbourhood that I've moved into is still fairly working class, though I'm sharing a house with a writer and an accounts manager. Most of the buildings around here are either warehouses or converted warehouses:

There's a few cafes down the road, though down this end of Lygon Street they have become a little sparse. My favourite is the cafe owned by the fat Italian man that never seems to have anybody in there. When I paid for a coffee there a few mornings ago, he said:

"Thank you, Gentlemen,"

Using the plural form, making me wonder where the rest of Me had gone.

Things I can recommend:

Borscht soup and Rye bread at Scherezade (Acland Street, St Kilda) on a Saturday afternoon;

Secondhand books on Lygon Street, Carlton (just about any time)

And cocktails at Nancy Bar (Northcote) on a Friday evening.

And here are some of the best Melbourne blogs:

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Vikki said...

Oh, I love Melbourne. It's funny, I used to be just around the corner from Melville road, about 10 mins from where you are.

Now I'm practically back in the country, in Zone 3.

Glad you seem to be enjoying it!

Stumpy said...

I’ve been there, can’t see any reason to go back

Last time was for a wedding where the bridegroom pointed a .45 at me and threatened to shoot.

Quotes about Melbourne

“The best thing to come out of Melbourne is the Hume Highway”

“Melbourne is the perfect place to make a movie about the end of the world”

BEVIS said...


Quote one is actually said about Sydney and Brisbane as well, and quote two was made in the 50s by an arrogant, ignorant, spoilt American movie star.

(Since then it's won 'World's Most Liveable City' numerous times - moreso than Sydney, for example.)

I live in Melbourne (although I was born and lived the first half of my life in Sydney), and it's fantastic.

Naturally, if you've had a bad wedding experience and it tainted your feelings towards the place, fair enough. Sounds nasty. Glad you survived!

Oh, and timt, I've finally answered your Muppet question on my blog.

FXH said...

Hang on. Who gave YOU permission to arrive in our town?

Anonymous said...

I live just over the river from you in Kew.

I was brought up in Brisbane and in my youth lived and worked in (in sequence) Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney.

Melbourne IS the most livable city in Australia. Sure, theres lots to bitch about, but some guys would whinge if they were locked in the liquor store-room of the pub, along with the publicans randy twin daughters ...

TimT said...


He did. And if he says differently, then I'll tell him you put me up to it.

Rachel said...

they have great borscht, but you can get even better stuff down East St Kilda way on Alma Rd ... Nancy bar rocks, a comfortable place to hang out and have fun without music blasting your ears off... And the Carlton bookshops are dangerous for book obsessed folk like myself, thank God not many of them take Eftpos or I would be broke every time I went to Carlton... the op shops in Camberwell have really good books as well

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