Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Art and Soul

Here's some comics I drew the other week. I'm quite fond of them. Their great advantage is that they are drawn from the perspective of a vision-deprived person, and therefore require no artistic talent on my part whatsoever.


Next week - Blindman walks down the stairs!


Gorilla Bananas said...

As you were good enough to comment on my blog, Master Tim, I feel I should return the compliment.

The comic works for me. I can imagine what must have happened and it is great slapstick humour. A bit like when a pair of mating Zebras notice they are being stalked by a Lion and decouple in panic.

I don't like Lions and I am sorry that one of your blogger friends calls herself Lioness. I bet she wouldn't do that if she lived in my neighbourhood.

daisythelamb said...

Tim, you are like the ultimate Rennaissance Man of the arts. Poetry, picture books, comic strips ... is nothing beyond your reach?

suz said...

The ultimate comic...suspense, humour, drama. A masterpiece indeed.

Steve55 said...

I like it. The first rule of comedy is, 'people falling down is funny.'

How else to explain Norman Wisdom?

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