Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Actions send out the wrong message louder than words

We get told, almost every time a certain person, A, does something about a certain group of people, B, that another certain person, C, doesn't like, then that the action of A 'sends out the wrong message'.

Who decided that actions send out messages in the first place? Why is it so easy to send out the wrong message and so difficult to send out the right message? We can certainly guess, from the frequent comments of C on the matter of sending out the wrong message, that their opponent (A) never does anything but send out the wrong message to the wrong people (B). Is it actually possible at all to send out the right message, or just the wrong message to the right people?

Indeed, I'm starting to get mixed messages about the sending out of wrong messages by the wrong people. Why does C get to decide what messages the actions of A is sending out, and why that message being sent out is the wrong message? If A can't send out the right message to the wrong people, can they perhaps send out the wrong message to the right people? Or is it always going to be the wrong message to the wrong people? And, for that matter, who is to say that the actions of C, in sending out the message (to A) about the sending out of the wrong message (from A to B), are not themselves sending out the wrong message to the wrong people (D, E, and F)? Just what sort of wrong message does C think they're sending out (to D, E and F) in sending out the right message (to A) about the sending out of the wrong message (to B), anyway? And what do G, H, I and J have to say about all of this?

Or is it just a case of the media is the wrong mixed message?


nailpolishblues said...

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about but it makes me want to say 'right on' and possibly smoke a peace pipe.*

* May be related to consumption of painkillers.

TimT said...

I had no idea either, but it didn't stop me from posting this. When I do posts like this I just let the words flow out in what seems like the right order until it seems like the right time to stop. I've developed a distinctly disdainful approach to 'meaning', as of late...

nailpolishblues said...

Um, yeah, I think I may have done that myself recently.

Maria said...

Who says actions send out messages anyway?

When that action is dropping a letter in the mailbox, hitting send on your email ...

What do A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, etc have to say about this?

I dopn't know but if they rearrange themselves nicely they could sned out a nice clear message.


(no, reshuffle)


(no, move it!)





(we need a T, R, S, L, and can we buy another vowel please?)

Caz said...

People should take this seriously.

Consider my daily dilemma: I always put my left shoe on before my right shoe.

What message am I sending, what godforsaken message?!

And who am I sending it to?!

TimT said...

Whoever it is, it's the wrong message for them.

TimT said...

Maria, that's the spirit. If you're going to send out the wrong mixed message to people, it's worthwhile getting the spelling right.

Maria said...

Umm - it's not the right blog, but it seems ok to send an unrelated, hey 'wrong' message right here. I have just , rather belatedly, read "Which Witch?" ... oh ... and "Not Just a Witch"! Lotsa fun! I think I would like a dragworm as a familiar.

Thanks for the recommendations.

It's widened my knowledge base of all things witchly. I'll be looking for one wading round in wellies.

TimT said...

I was spruiking 'Which Witch' the other day at my monthly science-fiction bookmeet. Great to know you liked it!

nailpolishblues said...

Monthly science fiction bookmeet? That is five kinds of awesome.

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