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The Chocolate Review

The Chocolate Review: Ice Magic Choc Honeycomb
It's not very magic, is it? A liquid substance that has been designed to stay liquid when kept in a container at room temperature, but to quickly harden when exposed to air and ice cream: that's pretty damn scientific. If it was really magic, wouldn't it at least be materialising rabbits in strange places, or something like that? Also, I can't taste the honeycomb at all. Perhaps they forgot to put that in? The chocolate's all right, though. I was pretty satisfied at the chocolate. The chocolate was definitely there.

All in all, this lacklustre condiment fails to excite, and although it does deliver on the chocolate front, it fails to extend on the basic idea, making me wonder if the makers of Ice Magic Choc Honeycomb were paying attention when they made this particular condiment. One and a half chocolate buttons out of five.


Caz said...

If it was truly magic a choc top would jump out when the lip was opened.

TimT said...

I'm always a bit disappinted when I break through the choc top and the rest is icecream (not that there's anything wrong with ice-cream, per se). I'd really like to have some choc layers, if it's not too much to ask. Perhaps the makers could come up with an Extra Specially Magic Ice Magic that produces choc layers.

Caz said...

Yes, either choc top layers, or baby choc tops, a dozen little choc tops in each pack, each with the choc on top and just the right amount of ice cream.


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Maria said...

What disappoints me about ice cream is lack of BITS.

Like pistachio icecream that has no pistachio bits or choc chip ice cream where you can't find the chips or honeycomb ice cream without the COMB.

When you go to Gelatissimo they often advertise their vats by putting big bits in their icecream but seem to studiously avoid giving you the bits.

Sometimes you'll see a big orea cookie or a Mars bar or a piece of cake or fruit sitting whole in side the vat and I wonder whether, if you requested it - can I have the scoop with the mars bar, please - they would give it to you.

Because I've never got it. I've got Oreo ice cream, but never been given the whole cookie. They just scoop around it!

TimT said...

Or when you're eating choc chip icecream with friends and they get the whole chocolate, not even chipped, and you just get the ice-cream.

These are issues that should be taken up with the Chocolate Ombudsman. The equitable distribution of bits through icecream is very important, and ought to be regulated.

Caz said...

Oh come on Tim, the Chocolate Ombudsman would handball it straight to the Ice Cream Ombudsman.

The system is against us!

TimT said...

That's why we need the Chocolate Review - to hold those agencies to account!

Ampersand Duck said...

Ice Magic, even without the alleged honeycomb, has always tasted more like wax than chocolate. One of society's major crimes against taste, in my book. Thanks for the warning.

TimT said...

Oh, I'm a fan. Not quite a ice magic tragic, but I'm getting there.

Maria said...

My work colleague here is allergic to chocolate.

She's also allergic to oranges, peanuts and has a problem with almonds and chicken.

It's a pity because she's a lovely lady but I can't introduce her to the joys of Orange Juice Snobbery!!!

Anyhow, the lovely lady brought in some carob today.

Anyone remember carob?

I remember how we used to have it at my school canteen. We used to be able to get it a lot.

It seemed to be the 'healthy substitute' to chocolate, though we checked out the ingredients today and it's loaded with sugar so I'm not sure what was so darn healthy about it. At any rate schools seemed to love it.

Anyone had any carob icecream lately?

TimT said...

Schools should just skip the carob/chocolate debate and give their kids alcohol. It makes sense.

Caz said...

Arrh, carob, just as many calories as chocolate, only disgusting.

It's like believing that organic fruit & veg has more nutrients because it's shriveled and bruised.

Maria said...

The 'disgusting is good for you' crowd were held down and forced to eat veges they didn't like when they were kids. Brussels Sprouts puree for dessert, that kinda thing.

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