Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thing hath sprung!

(For all of my northern friends!)

Now is the time for half the world
To shout and dance and sing,
As they prepare to welcome in,
To welcome in the spring!
Whilst half - the other half - prepares
To greet - the other thing.

Ah! March! The time of melting snow,
Of budding hedge and flowers!
Oh! March! The month of chilly nights,
And slow-increasing showers!
While every day the sunshine marks
The longer shorter hours!

Cold Winter's dead and buried,
And also coming soon;
Warm Summer's gone but comes again,
As of the first of June:
The year continues dancing to
The changing changeless tune.


TimT said...

Disclosure: I like winter. Very much. I have even been known to travel overseas in order to seek it out. Didn't want to give the wrong impression, that's all...

nailpolishblues said...

Bring on winter. And cold versions of psycho weather.

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