Saturday, March 06, 2010

Excitement city!

Jehova's Witnesses just came round and gave me a copy of the Watchtower. In exchange I gave them one of my zines. As they left, I actually realised what was in the zine, and started wishing I'd given them something else instead. Oh well. Happy reading, JWs!

BONUS OFFENCE SPECIAL FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TAKE OFFENCE: There's an article in the latest Watchtower about an African Rasta guy who converted to Jehova's Witnesses and stopped discriminating against white people. Knock yourself out, guys.


Mitzi G Burger said...

I wonder if JWs are allowed to listen to Jimmy Hendrix? "All along the watchtower ..." not too mention Bob Dylan ...

TimT said...

Dunno, though I know that the Mormons can be quite good singers. Somewhere in Newcastle in our family LP collection we have an album featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of Salt Lake City.

TimT said...

Aha! And here's something the JW's would probably approve of. Second song:

bruce said...

Putting aside the beliefs, were you ever attracted to the JW paintings of the happy land, I suppose it's meant to be 'paradise', with all the people and animals smiling on a fertile spring hillside? Always got to me anyway.

I've done some weird stuff in my life searching for something like that 'paradise'.

TimT said...

The smiles all seem to me to be lying. I don't believe it. I appreciate the JW's sentiment there Bruce, but those 'happy land' pictures just don't work for me.

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