Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lame superheros #2

Superevil Man
Granted super powers of evil at birth far beyond the powers of evil granted to any normal man. Now, Superevil Man has vowed to use his powers of evil - for good!

IN A PREVIOUS EPISODE: Superevil Man destroys a small third world country while saving the life of the UN ambassador's child!

(Meanwhile, in a previously previous episode...)


Maria said...

In a previous episode, Superevil Man used his superevil power to induce TimT to use his superboring totally useless break time to write a kind of amusing but totally pointless post!

TimT said...

I got the idea for this post one day while standing alone, when all of a sudden, I said, for no reason at all, 'Superevil man! With super powers of evil!'

Inspiration, of the most uninspiring sort.

Maria said...

I often have ideas for posts standing alone somewhere.

In fact I think the very idea of a post may have come from a very tall skinny man standing smewhere thinking, "Hmmm a post! I need a post ...wait ... I could be a post! Right here!"

And so he erected a tall wooden thingy to do the musing in that place for him and called it "post" and thus came the idea of things like lamp posts, bed posts and such. It's really brilliant if you stand tall and straight and still at a street corner and think about it, really, y'know.

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