Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Four gigantic poems

Or big, biggier, biggiest

First gigantic poem
This poem is long.
This poem is wrong.

Second gigantic poem
This poem is longer.
This poem is wronger.

Third gigantic poem
This poem isn't the longest
Because if 'wronger' isn't a word, then neither is 'wrongest'.

Fourth gigantic poem
The pimple
On the nipple
On the tit
Of the nit
On the rear
Of the ear
Of the flea
On the fly
On the pants
Of the ants
On the mouse
In the house
Was relatively unaffected by the billion megaton atomic blast, though everything was blown to absolute smithereens.


Dan the VespaMan said...

I don't think size matters Tim, unless you are a very insecure poet.

Steve said...

Tim, Fourth poem reminds me of this They Might be Giants song, from their great kids CD "No":

TimT said...

Depends how you use it, I guess.

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